Gay Boy Intruder Fucked Bareback

16 January, 2013 (22:10) | GangsterFuck | By: gayf3765

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Here is Burglar with no luck –  part 4 featured at GangsterFuck. Stripped Kamil gets tied to a chair with his cock and balls squeezed by a rope. Hector pushes his fat dick deep into the virgin hole of this little straight wannabe-thief. Now it’s time for a real hard fuck. Kamil begs, pleas and cries for mercy. And while he gets fucked he gets continuously spanked as well. Finally Hector pushes the boy into a corner and leaves him alone. Naked and humiliated.

Kamil wird nackt an einen Stuhl gefesselt. Seine Eier und sein Schwanz sind abgebunden. Hector presst seinen fetten Prügel tief in das jungfräuliche Loch des kleinen Diebes. Dann fickt er ihn richtig hart durch. Kamil bittet, bettelt und schreit vor Schmerz. Während der Junge gefickt wird, bekommt er noch den Arsch versohlt. Schliesslich lässt Hector ihn kauernd in der Ecke liegen.

Kamil Stripped está amarrado a una silla con su polla y bolas exprimidos por una cuerda. Héctor empuja su polla gorda profundamente en el agujero virgen de esta pequeña recta aspirante a ladrón. Ahora es el momento para una cogida duro real. Kamil ruega, súplicas y gritos de misericordia. Y mientras se la follan él consigue continuamente una palmada también. Finalmente Héctor empuja al niño a un rincón y le deja solo. Desnudo y humillado.

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Gay Fetish Judgement Day at GayWarGames

15 January, 2013 (21:59) | GayWarGames | By: gayf3765

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Now check out Judgement day – part four from GayWarGames.  Derek gets face-fucked and deep-throated. Tartas gags him with his own shirt. Then he starts to fuck him without mercy. Both from behind and in a fetal position before he floods his face.

Derek starts to regret his deeds. He knows now what it feels like to be used as a toy. He is completely delivered to the judgement of the soldiers. And their judgement is easy:an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. They stripped him, beat him up and made him perform painful exercises to exhaust his body.

Now as Derek is completely broken Tartas wants to make him feels the final level of humiliation. He ties his naked comrade to a chair and starts to fondle the already stretched cherry. Then he takes out his juicy cock. A few moments later he is already inside. “Do you feel it? Do you realize how the helpless boy must have felt before?” Derek cannot answer anymore. Only moans and groans pass his lips.

Tartas starts to fuck the soldier hard. And to his own surprise he understands the power and it’s thrill which must have overwhelmed Derek. And after all it’s lust that pushes Tartas to go further. He takes the dirty shirt of his prisoner and gags him. After a while he changes the position. Derek is now lying on the ground. Tartas fuck him in some sort of a fetal position and Finally grabs his head by the hair to shoots his massive load right into the soldier’s face.

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Czech Hunter 73 – Young Twink Barebacked For Cash

14 January, 2013 (19:40) | CzechHunter | By: gayf3765

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Maybe you still remember CzechHunter‘ s last trip to Decin.  Well, CzechHunter‘ went there again. Already on the first they meet a fine young boy. Damn, he is cute. And CzechHunter get so close to persuade him. But then suddenly he got a call from a friend. Well, CzechHunter tried their luck a few more times. And finally – just after sunset – CzechHunter encountered a nice boy with wonderful blue eyes. He is a smart-ass. And indeed smart enough to accept CzechHunter‘s offer to pay him 3000 Crowns for showing us his cock. And as CzechHunter could see that he was eager for more money he offered them to follow him to the old garden of his parents. Now guess what happened this winter-day in this remote hut, huh.

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Very cute boy this from CzechHunter.  Really nice seeing him take that big cock all bareback.YES!

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Kai Cruz Having A Private Golden Shower

13 January, 2013 (19:18) | YoungBastards | By: gayf3765

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See Kai Cruz in Piss, beer and spunk, featured at Young Bastards. Sporty Kai feels like a good pee and wanking session. After downing a few pints he pisses all over himself in huge streams, and no sooner is his 8-inch boner at its hardest than he starts jerking off.

Kai Cruz , gallery with pics from different shots for Young Bastards and Spritzz.

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Lucas Davidson gets Anally Abused and Pissed Inside

12 January, 2013 (20:11) | BoyNapped | By: gayf3765

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Check out this ass wrecking feature from Boynapped with Kieron Knight & Lucas Davidson. “Lucas Davidson gets anally abused and pissed in!” Kieron Knight loves to abuse a tight and tender fuckhole over at Boynapped, and the hot little ass of Lucas Davidson is a special treat for this anal addict and piss play dom! The boy is ass-up, having his tight little hole stretched out and filled up with the kinky toys Kieron has. But Kieron’s hard cock is leaking precum and he needs to shoot some cum, as well as unload some piss!

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Benji Looms Fucked and Dildoed by Sebastian Kane

11 January, 2013 (18:38) | BoyNapped | By: gayf3765

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Check out this new feature from Boynapped with Benji Looms & Sebastian Kane. “Twink boy Benji Looms sucks Poor British boy Benji Looms is turned into a real cock sucking cum addict in this video from BoyNapped. We start out with the boy tied and with his tight little fuckhole up in the air. Sebastian uses and plays with his pucker, fucking him and sliding in a toy before wanking and sucking the twinks uncut cock. But Benji is hungry for some cock himself and is soon sucking the shafts of Sebastian and a mystery partner before sucking a load out to drink! 

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Where’s The Diamonds?

10 January, 2013 (22:32) | LaughingAsians | By: gayf3765

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Vahn is a diamond thief who got caught and captured by the diamond store owners at LaughingAsians, but not before he was able to hide the diamonds. He is taken to an undisclosed location to be interrogated. His captors strip him naked and strap him down on a rack fully exposed and ready to be poked, prodded, and tickled senseless. He refuses to reveal the location of the diamonds, so Ricky starts tickling his ribs and armpits, forcing out laughter from the thief. Still he refuses to talk. “Tickle his feet!” Mike commands Ricky. Ricky begins flickering and dancing his fingernails all over Vahn’s tender smooth ticklish soles causing them to jerk and wiggle wildly in ticklishness. Then Ricky moves back up to Vahn’s upper body while Mike takes over tickling his feet. Mike gets his feather sticks and begins deviously flickering the feathers all over his soles while Ricky works on the ticklish pits and ribs. Vahn is in hysterics but he is a hard one to break.

This is one incredibly HOT scene you DO NOT WANT TO PASS UP!

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Emo Twinks; Falco White, Billy Parker and Micky Janson

9 January, 2013 (00:23) | SweetAndRaw | By: gayf3765

Emo twink buddies at SweetAndRaw  Billy Parker and Falco White haven’t seen each other in a while. They get together for a drink, a smoke and to catch up at a local hang-out. There, they meet Micky Janson and the next thing you know, there’s a lot of kissing, touching and sucking going on between this Emo threeway. Lucky Billy winds up in the middle, with Micky sucking his uncut dick and Falco stuffing his face with a nice fattie and big, low-hanging balls. Soon, Julian winds up getting his hairy hole rimmed and spit on by Micky who has a long and incredible tongue; this is one Emo twink who knows how to treat a young man’s hole! When Micky strips, Billy then starts sucking his cock while Falco simultaneously jerks Billy and himself off. Falco then goes down on his buddy Billy and the tattooed Emo lifts Billy’s leg up and works his fat dick into the spit-lubed twink hole for a raw fuck.

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Then Micky gets in on the action. He spins Billy around, lifts up his legs and starts barebacking Billy with a good steady rhythm before bending him over a chair. Falco and Micky take turns plugging him from either end until it’s time to go riding cock! Falco kicks back and Billy sits down on his dick and strokes out a creamy load which Micky tastes. Then Micky and Falco do what friends do best. They spurt their load all over Billy’s pretty face and give him a gooey cum facial.

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Nice Cock Chinese Guy Bound

8 January, 2013 (20:11) | Asian-Boy-Bondage | By: gayf3765

CSL is yet another nice straight Chinese twink over at Asian-Boy-Bondage. And he got a really nice and fat cock, his friend is lucky because he get to play with it for us to see ;)

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Straight and Defined Chinese Twink Bound

7 January, 2013 (19:43) | Asian-Boy-Bondage | By: gayf3765

WAW at Asian-Boy-Bondage  is 20 years old straight Chinese boy, he is so hairless and slim but has nice toned muscles on the arms and belly.After get his feet and hands tied up, the fat master begin to fondle his clean and delicious body and cock.

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Very sweet and kind of rough look on this young Chinese Twink.

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