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Masaru’s Kinky Piss, Dildo Fun and Cum

22 May, 2012 (08:21) | JapanBoyz | By: gayf3765

Meet Masaru, a very imaginative and playful boy who has been on the JapanBoyz site before. Today he is here to show us a good time as he presents his tight, toned body and toys. Boy toys are fun, but Japanboyz with toys are the best.

Mauaru begins by playfully massaging his groin and asshole. He also takes us to the bathroom to pee, while still in some very colorful leggings, I love a boy who pees to please. He then washes off his beautiful body, and we get to watch. As he removes his leggings, I zoom in to see the cock ring he is sporting. Soaping up, he turns around to show a nice soapy hole and gorgeous bum.
While still in the bathroom, Masaru is presented with a dildo to use; he face lights up and he is eager to try it out. Bending over for us the enjoy, he takes most of it and gasps, “oh yes.” Squatting on the floor and pumping it in and out, he is enjoying every inch, and so are we. I go close with the camera to see the action and then, as he removes the dildo, his hole. Sitting on the floor, Masaru hardens quickly as he massages his prostate with the dildo; he says it is good, I think it is great. His lubed ass is spread eagle on the floor, showing us a nice shiny hole. JapanBoyz ask him if he wants to stay here or move back to the sofa.Masaru puts on some sexy underwear, a nice leopard print jock strap, and sits on the sofa; he rubs his package, sweet. JapanBoyz hand him the dildo. He first takes some lube and wets his dick and balls, through the underwear, then unsnaps his strap, and prepares his hole. Using his fingers, he goes in with a few fingers, then counts all five and inserts them, I think we’d all like to be those fingers. After, he says “dildo,” and pushes it in, moaning, “yes, yes.” At this point, JapanBoyz can’t help but give him a hand; JapanBoyz thrust the dildo in and out, Masaru requests, “harder.” As I work the toy, he smiles at me and masturbates; he is so hot. JapanBoyz pull the dildo out to check his nice hole. Inserting it again, Masaru puts it in again and I take over pumping; “ah good, good, yes” he moans, I have hit the right spot.
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Get Wet starring Masumi Kato

17 March, 2012 (13:06) | JapanBoyz | By: gayf3765

Free gallery with Masumi Kato from JapanBoyz. This boy is MY new favourite over at JapanBoyz, just love his cute face, slim body, skinny smooth ass and big cock. The naughty Asian twink here even piss in his underwear before going to the full action with fingering and jerking his big tool. LOVE!The video starts as Masumi undresses and gets his cock nice and hard in his underwear, until it’s oozing with pre-cum. He heads to the shower where he pisses in his underwear, the pee dripping out like rain. After soiling his sexy undies he takes them off and jacks off his rock hard cock in a variety of positions. He wants to finish off on the bed, so dries off and then plays with his smooth butthole and jacks off his beautiful uncut cock. When he finally shoots his load, let me tell you this gay Asian boy has a lot of cum in those balls…shot after shot fires out like a little cum torpedo, as he drenches his body and neck in his own sweet jizz. From pissing, to pre-cum, to shooting a huge load of jizz Masumi Kato shows us that he doesn’t need a shower to get himself wet. And let me tell you something about Masumi. This is one cute Japanese twink you are going to drool over. He seems to have it all; cute face, big cock, hot little ass and insatiable horny lust to show it all of for you. Download the full video in the highest quality at Japanboyz.com.

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Japanese Twink Cuffed

14 March, 2012 (07:24) | JapanBoyz | By: gayf3765

Masato Takeda I found so hot, that this is my second posting with him today from JapanBoyz . But this time he is not alone and his companion is not bad either, meet Kiyashi Tomita! JapanBoyz presents the first hardcore video for Masato Takeda and Kiyashi Tomita. The video was submitted to them by a new amateur Producer that they gave a chance to film. And it looks to me that he has done good ;) The movie begins with Kiyashi handcuffing his sexy new boytoy Masato. He wastes no time with kissing him, licking his neck, and then taking off his clothes. Then we see some hot blow job and 69 action. After that he’s ready for some anal action. He uncuffed the handcuffs to get Masato into the proper fucking position (not as if there was any resistance from Masato anyways). He fingers the hole and then fucks it in different positions before cumming on this sweet boy’s face. For first timers in an amateur submitted production, these boys had no problems fucking and sucking.

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Asian Bareback Piss Fest

12 March, 2012 (10:47) | GayAsianPiss | By: gayf3765

When twink boy Bernie and his friend Ray are taking a shower together at GayAsianPiss, their nosy friend X discovers what they are doing. He wants to join the fun and Bernie and Ray are happy to let him take part. Ray starts to play with the intruder but soon he needs to piss. Bernie is thirsty and volunteers to drink it. He has to piss himself as well, and Ray drinks Bernie’s fresh urine in return. This is followed by a bareback fuck and then X has to piss. He sprays his golden shower over his bareback buddies and that gets the boys ready for a sandwich fuck. Soon all three of them want to shoot their loads. Bernie cums right away and X licks up the fresh sperm, while Ray’s cock is still inside him. Then Ray pulls out and shoots, and X licks that as well. Very RAW, WET and HOT! :)

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Private Jason’s Basic Fetish Training

1 March, 2012 (00:01) | GayAsianUniforms | By: gayf3765

When private Jason is ordered by commander David to paint an office in the gay Asian porn army, he is more interested in his own cock than in the work. He starts playing with his crotch and soon he needs to piss…on himself. His uniform is soaking wet when the boss comes in to check. Commander David is thirsty and drinks Jason’s piss. Then the private returns the favor and swallows a huge piss dump from his comrade. And that’s just the start!Lorsque Jason privé est ordonnée par le commandant David à peindre un bureau dans l’armée porno asiatique gay, il est plus intéressé par sa propre queue que dans le travail. Il commence à jouer avec son entrejambe et bientôt il a besoin de pisser sur lui-même. Son uniforme est trempé quand le patron arrive pour vérifier. Commandant David a soif et les boissons de Jason pisse. Ensuite, les rendements privés de la faveur et l’avale un énorme dépotoir pisse de son camarade. Et ce n’est que le début!

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Joel’s First Piss Party

27 February, 2012 (06:31) | GayAsianPiss | By: gayf3765

When Jason invites his new friend Noel over for a sex session at GayAsianPiss studios, he soon finds out that the boy has no experience at all. But what the watersports session that Jason has in store for his buddy will quickly cure any qualms the twink may have had. The first shot is right on the spot and Jason receives several mouthfulls of Joel’s piss right in his throat. Will there be more to follow?Some guys like to being urinated on or urinating on someone. In other words : Golden showers :)

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Tia Self Fuck and Fisting

26 February, 2012 (12:48) | PrivateBoyMovie | By: gayf3765

Tia Anakon is a versatile Asian boy, but here he for sure show us that he is a experienced bottom too. He strip of the camera and show his hard big cock and bouncing balls, he continues with rappidly fingering his hole. Then the horny boyslut fuck himself hard with a bana and a big carrot! But is that enough to fill his eager hole ? Nope!Tia is up for his hardcore fisting and cum finale, so fucking hot! He insert a green lime up his hole and and pushes it out again, making his ass lips poke way out in the open. Then the cameraman fingers him, first 2, 3 then 4 fingers with ease. Soon the whole hand slides in and Tia get fisted for the first time in his life. After taking the full hand several times he goes back to his favourite banana and wank his big cock until he cum moaning out loud.

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Thai Boy Bed Wetters

17 January, 2012 (16:15) | GayAsianPiss | By: gayf3765

After a game of volleyball Ray and Nick at GayAsianPiss have a shower together. They are good friends and not shy around each other. The boys lather up their bodies and then Ray needs to pee. They are in such a horny hurry they do not even take their shorts off. Nick is ready for it and tells Ray to give him all his piss. Ray is eager to do that, and Nick swallows it all, while he plays with his own cock.

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Doctor Twinks Enema Clinic

24 October, 2011 (19:51) | DoctorTwink | By: gayf3765

This is extreme from Doctor Twink . That Thai gay bottom really proves the he is a big bottom slut! Just by looking the way Vernon takes that long thick dildo and pounds it all the way into Best’s ass who just takes it all over and over again. No wonder his rosebud peaking out several times during this wild anal session. Very kinky movie and somewhat dirty session, but absolutely fantastic!Doctor Twink operates on a cute boy with an enema, a glass of milk and a huge dildo. The doc starts his preparation with the big plastic cock-needle. In and out it goes, to loosen the twink’s tight ass. Then Doc Twink pours in a glass of milk and rims the boy’s ass clean. Once the doc has completed a rectal exam he has an intense orgasm and feels a lot better. But has the patient improved as well? Find out by Clicking Here and Visit DoctorTwink.

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Horny Gay Asian Soldiers

19 October, 2011 (00:31) | GayAsianUniforms | By: gayf3765

Win is one of my favourite AsiaBoy models. Here he is teamed up with Ray for the new site GayAsianUniforms. Win is amazing here, he is rock hard almost all the time and love to take it in the ass and then fuck his buddy even harder in return. This is Gay Asian bareback sex at it’s best!When Ray and Win are ordered to paint their commanders office, they get very busy. But with all the bareback play little work gets done.

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