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The Interrogation Part 2 at GayWargames

7 November, 2011 (12:34) | GayWarGames | By: gayf3765

Hands, feet and head fixed to a wooden throne. Gagged and slowly stripped. Paul at GayWarGames.com gets molested and his nipples and testicles whip-tortured. Finally he gets degraded by the soldier jerking him with his bare feet.

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Jonny get Caged and Abused at BoyNapped

2 November, 2011 (14:03) | BoyNapped | By: gayf3765

Poor silver-haired Jonny, the pain he has to endure in this video is almost too much to watch at BoyNapped… almost. Watch as this caged young twink gets hot wax tipped onto his smooth body and big cock by the merciless Keiron. He screams out in pain but has no choice but to take each bit of scorching hot liquid as he fights against his restraints.

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The Interrogation is all New at GayWargames

13 October, 2011 (17:37) | GayWarGames | By: gayf3765

Things are getting wilder and wilder at GayWarGames.com. Taken out of his car Red-Cross-volunteer Paul is now caged like a bird. A rude Russian fighter interrogates him. He starts to undress the young, blue-eyed German and makes him suck cock while he verbally humiliates his catch.Munich is far away. It takes about 9 hours with the plane to go back to his home town. Paul is a German volunteer who decided to go to Tchukistan to help the Tchukistani Red Cross to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe during the civil war.
What he didn’t expect to happen was the hostility of the Russian minority towards foreign aid-workers. It was early in the morning when 3 masked soldiers stopped his car in a remote street in Novo Sazky. They grabbed and blindfolded him. Then he passed out.
When he finally wakes up he finds himself in a scary surrounding. They put him in a kind of cage hoisted high in a dirty dungeon and gagged him well. Suddenly a strange voice calls for him. It sounds Russian but Paul isn’t quite sure about that. Then a noisy engine starts to run and his cage is moving down. A soldier approaches the helpless guy. He is dressed only with his pants and boots and he somehow appears amused by his catch.
“Hey, fascist, are you from Berlin? I always wanted to go there. Look at this map – what is this building called? … Can´t you hear me? Answer!” Of course the guy is aware that his counterpart is gagged and unable to speak. He just likes to tease and play with his trophy. Then he takes a lamp and checks the blue eyes of his prisoner. “German – no doubt!” He starts to fondle him and even unzips his jeans. Totally frightened Paul realizes that this guy starts to check and touch his private parts. Timur – the Russian fighter – obviously like the ass of his catch. His greedy hands walk all around the slim guy. Then he raises the leather-cage again to bring it into a good position for a blow-job.

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The Attack Continues at GayWargames this Week

18 August, 2011 (16:15) | GayWarGames | By: gayf3765

More wild action from GayWarGames.com in a war-torn country! This cute skinhead goes trough some heavy shit! Poor guy :(
Put into a tiny cell, then heavily spanked and forced to suck the soldier. Vadim has to lick the toes and gets fiercely tortured by Jurek who uses a very painful nipple clamp and hot wax to burn the skin of his captive.Vadim squats in a tiny cell. He is not able to move a single inch nor even to raise his head. Hours later Jurek enters the room and ends this torment just to start another one. Vadim has to bend over a springbok and gets his hands fixed to the nearby rack. Then Jurek starts to spank him with a paddle and his hands. The soldier wants his captive to feel the pain and to get the ass red.Then Jurek sits on the rack and pushes his dirty-soldier-feet directly in the boy´s face. “Lick it, lick it clean, boy!” Reluctantly the boy obeys and slowly his wet tongue massages every single toe. The soldier is quite surprised how horny this little game would make him. He gets his cock out and makes the boy suck.
Then he moves Vadim to the rack. Again he chains his hands and feet. Then he gets out a silver nipple-clamp. He puts it on his nipples, on his arm-muscles, to his stomach and even on his eyebrows. Vadim struggles in pain but he has to accept this procedure as part of the punishment. When Jurek lightens the candle it is time to start another game. The boy could never even imagine how painful hot liquid wax could be. Now he feels it burning his skin.

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