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Feminine Skinny Thai Boy Fucked and Fisted

15 November, 2012 (08:24) | PrivateBoyMovie | By: gayf3765

Lay Yisoporn , slim, dark skin, shaved and so ready for a good fuck at Privateboymovie.com. This guy is the perfect feminine boy fuck-doll. He invites us for a shower and he is not shy about getting nude. Soon his cock is hard, warm water and soap filling his smooth ass crack. Clean and ready he begs for fuck! When he get the cameraman’s white cock near his hole it opens and we can see right into his dark red boy-pussy. Soon the cock slides with ease deep into him and he whimpers and moans in pure pleasure while he get fucked in several positions.The cameraman continues to fuck Lay Yisoporn’s little ass hard and then switch over to a glass sex toy. It gets pushed hard in and out of Lay’s gaping sloppy dark red asshole, making it gasp even more. All this hard action makes his red anal rosebud poke out while he moans out loud. Fantastic anal exploration! Then Lay agrees for a fisting tryout, the hand goes deep and Lay is not willing to give it up easy. He moans out and tears are almost coming from his eyes while he shaking. The hand goes deeper and barely over the wrist, Lay is now one happy and exhausted boy! Now he rides the cameraman before jerking off his hard long dark cock, squirting cum all over himself. Lay then turns around and also got a cum squirting surprise from his exploited soar asshole…

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Czech Hunter 35

1 May, 2012 (13:16) | CzechHunter | By: gayf3765

Story from Czech Hunter : One of my friends has a fitness studio with a small massage room. I´ve been always excited by the idea of persuading a boy during a massage. So I just decided to try it. I stopped a few guys on the street and offered them a free massage. I told them it is for a promo video for the recently opened studio. And I offered some money and a free massage. The third boy who I stopped accepted this deal. I don´t know if he realized what all this would be about. But when I asked him to undress he seemed to get a bit nervous. And I must admit that it´s true. There is definitely an explosive sexual tension during such a massage. I finally offered him money for some favors. And now guess what happened.

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Young Cute Guy Picked Up and Fucked

23 March, 2012 (17:03) | CzechHunter | By: gayf3765

This is a very cute guy from a brand new site called Czech Hunter. He is just so adorable , and shy… but get lured away for cash and even get fucked bareback making his ass gape like I have almost never seen before! Love this!Here is the story : Jiri told me that it is almost impossible for him to find boys in the city centre. Well, that was enough motivation for me to prove the opposite. I spent a whole afternoon there talking to guys and when it was already dark and I was close to give up I finally found a boy who was crazy enough to sell me his underwear. And as you certainly can imagine I went on persuading him for more. Once he was without undies he was a vulnerable catch for me. He wanted a lot of money. But I was more than willing to pay. In the end this young boy was a little pig. Ready to do everything for money. And I used his cute body in any possible way. Guys, you must really check out his hole after fucking him.

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Gay Military Anal Interrogation

9 February, 2012 (11:53) | GayAsianUniforms | By: gayf3765

After special training in the gay Asian porn army, two soldiers must test their new skills on a twink they snatched off the street. In an interrogation room they drip hot candle wax on their horny captive, to get him to do as they please. This works quite well. It turns out the boy is eager to suck their hard cocks, drink their warm piss, and have his ass split open by a double cock fuck. The soldiers can not quite believe their instant success. So they punish the twink with a painful dildo, stretch his hole with a their fist and then make him spill his spermy secrets before he has to swallow all their soldier cum.This is so fucking wild and hot, all bareback and wild. The “chubby” bottom is taking it all and having a good time doing it!

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Horny Gay Asian Soldiers

19 October, 2011 (00:31) | GayAsianUniforms | By: gayf3765

Win is one of my favourite AsiaBoy models. Here he is teamed up with Ray for the new site GayAsianUniforms. Win is amazing here, he is rock hard almost all the time and love to take it in the ass and then fuck his buddy even harder in return. This is Gay Asian bareback sex at it’s best!When Ray and Win are ordered to paint their commanders office, they get very busy. But with all the bareback play little work gets done.

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Gay Asian Soldiers Hard CumFuck

18 October, 2011 (10:15) | GayAsianUniforms | By: gayf3765

Horny Thai boys Tom and Bill from the new Asian Fetish Site named GayAsianUniforms. It is all about Asian boys with and without uniforms having bareback gay sex. Also some other fetish fun too, like pissing. Here the guys soak up in piss before they start their raw hard fuck, and it all ends in a sticky delicious cumfuck!

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