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Czech Hunter 73 – Young Twink Barebacked For Cash

14 January, 2013 (19:40) | CzechHunter | By: gayf3765

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Maybe you still remember CzechHunter‘ s last trip to Decin.  Well, CzechHunter‘ went there again. Already on the first they meet a fine young boy. Damn, he is cute. And CzechHunter get so close to persuade him. But then suddenly he got a call from a friend. Well, CzechHunter tried their luck a few more times. And finally – just after sunset – CzechHunter encountered a nice boy with wonderful blue eyes. He is a smart-ass. And indeed smart enough to accept CzechHunter‘s offer to pay him 3000 Crowns for showing us his cock. And as CzechHunter could see that he was eager for more money he offered them to follow him to the old garden of his parents. Now guess what happened this winter-day in this remote hut, huh.

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Very cute boy this from CzechHunter.  Really nice seeing him take that big cock all bareback.YES!

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Nice Cock Chinese Guy Bound

8 January, 2013 (20:11) | Asian-Boy-Bondage | By: gayf3765

CSL is yet another nice straight Chinese twink over at Asian-Boy-Bondage. And he got a really nice and fat cock, his friend is lucky because he get to play with it for us to see ;)

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Straight and Defined Chinese Twink Bound

7 January, 2013 (19:43) | Asian-Boy-Bondage | By: gayf3765

WAW at Asian-Boy-Bondage  is 20 years old straight Chinese boy, he is so hairless and slim but has nice toned muscles on the arms and belly.After get his feet and hands tied up, the fat master begin to fondle his clean and delicious body and cock.

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Very sweet and kind of rough look on this young Chinese Twink.

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Asian Slave Boy Ass Play & Doggy Trainning

1 January, 2013 (18:19) | Asian-Slave-Boy | By: gayf3765

This 20 years old Chinese slave boy is straight according to Asian-Slave-Boy , here he get doggy training from his young master. I want a cute puppy like that too ;)

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Skinny Chinese Teen Boy Bound and Cum

25 December, 2012 (11:58) | Asian-Boy-Bondage | By: gayf3765

19 years old Q is living in Hong Kong and is featured at Asian-Boy-Bondage. This slim petite guy is straight but when a friend of him offered him to make some easy cash, he was easy to convince. If you are straight or gay, being bound and jerked off is easy cash :)

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Straight Hong Kong Escorts and Homo Bondage

5 December, 2012 (00:01) | Asian-Boy-Bondage | By: gayf3765

L is a 19 years old slim straight Chinese boy at Asian-Boy-Bondage, he’s very smooth and has a nice tasty cock. This time his gay friend get him naked and tied up to satisfy his lust for domination, then playing with his cock and until sperm is flowing.

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Cute Chinese Twink with Hairless Balls Tied on Bed

26 November, 2012 (00:42) | Asian-Boy-Bondage | By: gayf3765

Z is 19 years old slim straight Chinese boy featured at Asian-Boy-Bondage, Here he get stripped naked  and tied up with red bondage rope on the bed.  Then he get some helping hands from his best friend, and it looks like both of them seems to enjoy the action. At least Z shoot his load!  Did I mention the boy is very smooth, his balls are totally hairless. Wish I could take his smooth ball sack in my mouth and juggle his stones in my mouth :)

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Chinese Straight Boy Slave Got Milk

23 November, 2012 (00:26) | Asian-Slave-Boy | By: gayf3765

W is 20 years old straight Chinese Twink featured in this new update from Asian-Slave-Boy. He’s slim and his body is very nicely defined. This slave boy get tied up and get his cock played with.  The he get ordered to cum for his master and as every good slave boy, W does what his master tells him! More Chinese slave boy action videos at Asian-Slave-Boy.

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Chinese Twink Bound and Jerked Off

11 November, 2012 (09:43) | Asian-Boy-Bondage | By: gayf3765

JY at Asian-Boy-Bondage is 19 years old and straight, really slim and  got the smoothest butt. Here he’s hands and feet are tied while he lying on the bed. His sexy friend giving him a helping hand since JY is not able to do much himself ;)

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Pissing In The Shower with Masumi Kato

10 October, 2012 (05:20) | AsianBoyNation | By: gayf3765

Feeling tense, Masumi Kato strokes for some relief at AsianBoyNation. His tall, lean body is in contrast to his very large cock, molded in his underwear. As he works his boner in bed, he also plays with his hole for a more intense experience. In his white undies, Masumi masturbates and fondles himself for us at asianboynation.com. Masumi, on his side, pulls his underwear down, just far enough for us to get a peek at his nice ass, and far enough, so that he may finger himself while we admire. Moving to the shower, he has a nice long piss, still in his tighty whities. The camera zooms in to show this boy’s yellowing briefs. Finished, he adds more liquid by showering. From the side, we watch as this cute boy cleans up, top to bottom. As the soap slides down his thin frame, we can really see the definition of his body, including nice deep cut Vs.When he slides off his briefs, he reveals what we suspected all along, this boy is hung. As he turns his ass to the camera, his balls are prevalent through the opening between his legs; sweet long hanging plums dangle freely. Clean, Masumi stands and begins to jerk again; both hands are needed to clover the shaft. He works his cock and balls as well as his ass. His moans begin to become audible and increase the pleasure we are all feeling. Leaning his back against the shower wall, Masumi thrusts his hips as he tugs. He bends down to sit on the floor; he reddened head glistens as the foreskin slides back and forth. Caressing his chest and nipples, Masumi is really enjoying the moment, as are we. Biting his lip and gasping, he intensely jerks his shaft as his body twitches. In a close up, Masumi pulls on the foreskin and adds more liquid by squeezing water from his sopping underwear. Moving to his knees and spreading his legs wide, he focuses on his the sensitive head. Moving back to the bed, Masumi lies down on the cool sheets in contrast to his hot cock. He watches his member closely as he strokes to orgasm. Rocking his hips to relish the feeling, Masumi is close. Squeezing the tip of his cock, he legs flail and twitch. As his mouth opens and head swings back, Masumi thrusts out a huge load of hot cum onto his stomach; the streams pool and then slide to his hip. This sweet boy has found relief in the simple pleasures of masturbation.

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