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Twink Tortured by Twink with Pin-Wheel

26 December, 2012 (11:21) | BoyNapped | By: gayf3765

Check out “Matt Madison Gets Pegged” featuring Dan Jenkins And Matt Madison over at BoyNapped.With his hands tied above his head, Matts body is exposed and vulnerable. Which Dan takes pleasure taking advantage of. Unable to see whats happening, Matt gets pegs put up and down his fit body, in-between being pleasured as Dan sucks his dick and plays with his sensitive head. Dan runs his hands over the pegs to make Matt squirm as he is brought to the edge of orgasm and taken over to shoot his load all over the floor.

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Bad Dealer Twink Justin Humiliated

12 August, 2011 (16:49) | GangsterFuck | By: gayf3765

Cute Twink Justin here from GangsterFuck.com latest update taken on a little “car ride” , but not a normal one – So cool!GangsterFuck.com presents: The Affront – part1 : Drug dealer Justin got caught. When they drive him to the police station he freaks out and spits at a cop. A very bad idea. They stop and drag the little wanker out of the car to tear down his clothes. They humiliate him by driving him around naked. They force him to suck their juicy cocks and finally they put him into the car boot.
Justin narcotraficante capturado. Cuando se le llevara a la comisaría, se asusta y escupir a un policía. Una muy mala idea. Se detienen y arrastre el poco gilipollas del coche para derribar su ropa. Que humillarlo por conducir a su alrededor desnudo. Le obligan a chupar la polla jugosa y por último lo metieron en el maletero del coche.
Justin wurde beim Dealen erwischt. Als er zur Wache gefahren wird, rastet er aus. Er bespuckt einen Zivicop. Das bleibt nicht folgenlos. Sie zerren den kleinen Wichser aus dem Wagen und reißen ihm die Klamotten runter. Sie fahren ihn nackt durch die Gegend, stecken ihm die Schwänze ins Maul und sperren ihn in den Kofferraum.

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